The Sunrise Film Festival 2018

September 6th - 9th 2018

The Sunrise Film Festival is pleased to announce that for 2018 we will be partnering with the Raindance Film Festival and organization. Stay tuned for more news about this and benefits to film makers.

The Sunrise Film Festival is now launching its third year and for 2018 and we are once again including the whole of the North Shore.  

This year for the first time we will be holding a scriptwriting contest alongside the film festival. Coming up in August 2018 we have an exciting Film and Special Effects Make-up Masterclass . See our events page for more information as details are added. Picture below shows Gary Blackwood with some of the attendees at the Script Writing Workshop in Tatamagouche in June 2018.

The Sunrise Film Festival hopes to attract film makers from all around the world and if our previous festivals are anything to go by we should certainly achieve that.  In our first year we welcomed film makers from such places as  India, Hawaii, USA, Finland and Taiwan to our little corner of Nova Scotia!

Our festival seeks to promote our beautiful north shore region and encourages people to visit.

Our festival seeks to create a place for film makers to meet, forge new relationships and be inspired to create new projects. And for communities to come together to celebrate film.  Ours is a friendly festival where audiences can learn through interesting panel sessions, Q&As and informal parties around the world of film making.

Quotes from past attendees:-

" Sunrise Film Festival was a wonderful experience, one that I can recommend to any film maker / film subject wanting to attend! Fantastic location on the shores of Nova Scotia with great food and opportunities to socialize and meet everyone. The festival is intimate enough that it is easy to network and meet a lot of talented people. Thumbs up!"

Ian Evans, attendee and panelist

" Pictou was a small, friendly event with a great venue in an incredibly beautiful location with interesting films. Sharing experiences with other directors was a valuable experience. Making a schedule and sticking to it makes things easy for everyone. Panel discussions are great especially when they are not all male panels:-)” 

Paivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen - film-maker from Finland

"I am so glad that I came to see the beauty and kind people of the north shore area.  You did an amazing job at pulling off such a massive undertaking.  Your communty should be proud.  Wonderful events, food, sights, discussions.  A wonderful community and international event that brings people together through cinema. Congratulations!"

Robin Truesdale, Director, Colorado, USA

"I had a great time there - saw so many terrific films.  The site in Nova Scotia was amazing and everyone involved with the festival was wonderful.  I've made friends with film makers from Norway to......"

Frances Barth - film-maker from New York

"The Nova Scotia hospitality is second to none."

Raymond Rolak, film-maker from Hawaii

"Fantastic festival experience.  Great folks with excellent communication all the way through, wonderful location on the beautiful north shore of Nova Scotia.  A hidden gem on the Canadian festival circuit."

Paul Kimball, Director, Nova Scotia


The Sunrise Film Festival greatly acknowledges the funding given by the Municipalities of Pictou County, Colchester County and Cumberland County and the Town of Pictou without whom the Film Festival would not be possible.