Events Year-round

Program of Events for 2018

The Sunrise Film Festival will host a number of events this year.  See details below:-

SCRIPT WRITING SEMINAR -  Saturday June 16th 2018

A one day intensive Script Writing Seminar conducted by novelist, playwright, and screenwriter Gary Blackwood. Thank you to the North Shore Players for hosting and sponsoring this event.

This event was a sold-out success! "It was exactly what I think this small little burg needed. I went home and started from scratch with the lessons learned from Gary. I think that Tatamagouche as well as The North Shore would certainly benefit from similar events." - Mike Purdy


FILM & TV & SPECIAL EFFECTS MAKE-UP WORKSHOP - Saturday 28th August 2018 - Price $40 

A one day Film & TV & Special Effects Make-up Workshop by professionally trained Make-up Artist Colleen Patterson.  Colleen trained at Blanche MacDonald in British Columbia and specializes in beauty, fashion, airbrush, TV and film and special effects and prosthetics.  Colleen has worked on many projects in the area including the recently made documentary The Ship Hector and the recently completed film The Only Game in Town.

The workshop will take place on Saturday August 25th at the Toney River Community Hall from 10am to 5pm.  All ages from teens to seniors are welcome but registration is limited to 20, so book early.  For more information and to reserve a place, email: or call 902 701 2483. Prices are $40 per person and include tea, coffee, snacks through the day. Participants should bring their own mirror and can also bring their own make-up if they wish to do so.