Festival 2015

Thanks to all those who took part and to the judges and panels for all their commitment to making our first festival such a success.

The Award Winners at this year's festival.
1. BEST INTERNATIONAL FILM - "A Beautiful equation" - Dir: Robin Truesdale. This film was a true gem, screened in the most perfect and apt setting of Thinkers Lodge, it was a simple visualisation of the humanity of two of the world's most brilliant minds - Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr. The way their words were delivered was a moving and humbling experience and at the same time contained so much fun.

2. BEST YOUNG FILMMAKER (Director Under 22) –

First of all, an honourable mention to 'Codey', Director: Wei-Chun Lai which is a supreme piece of animation, a great story with instantly recognizable themes and elements. We really enjoyed it and this only narrowly missed out.

But the winning film in the Young Film Maker category is:
'Asteroids' - it draws the audience from its first moment. The story of a young girl’s last adventure with her dying grandfather is thoughtful and honest in it’s portrayal of death and generations. A clever juxtaposition of fantasy and realism leading to a her final act of compassion stay with you long after viewing. The story’s young actor gives a simple but mature portrayal that makes a delicate turn from tragic to hopeful.
The director’s choice to balance trauma with fantasy is competent and skilled.
With emotional cinematography and inspired direction, Asteroids leaves the mark of a striking young talent. So the best young film maker award 2015 goes to: Kristina Mileska for 'Asteroids'

3. BEST COMEDY – This was a tough category. Comedy being so much a matter of taste, we fell in love with the puppets of Noir Town, but there was something small town, immediate, and unique about the winning film. The very first comedy feature from Hawaii. When you hear people laughing out loud during the film you know you're onto something. And the smiles all around gave us no other choice. Winning film: 'Get a job', director Brian Kohne.

4. BEST DOCUMENTARY – This was a tough one, with so many films of great quality on a range of subjects. What was particularly good about the winning film is that it shows what can be done through good and kind acts. It's a very positive message and the film required sustained energy to complete. Winner: "12 Months" by Charisse Tia Harper

5. BEST DIRECTION – A tense and well-paced supernatural thriller. Some great screen performances and a feeling of mounting tension throughout. Winner: "Amongst the Shadows" - Director Laura Thies

6. BEST SCREENPLAY – The winning film, despite being a short film, reads like a feature script. Nice idea, imaginative, snappy dialogue. Winner: "Total Awesome Viking Power" written by Morton Forland.

7. BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY – The choices were between four documentaries. All of which had their own merits. But the best use of cinematography skills (one of which is the understanding of movement within the dynamic of the composed frame) was clearly evident in the winning film, which not only had great composition, good movement, beautiful lighting, it had a well told story that engaged.
Winner: Jérôme de Gerlache for "HEART OF GLASS"

8. BEST ENVIRONMENTAL or CAMPAIGN FILM – There were some excellent films within this framework, but the winner had all the right elements of a great story, stunning scenery, a positive and thought-provoking message. Winner: Christophe Von Toggenburg for "Alegria - a humanitarian Expedition"

9. BEST SHORT FILM (Under 15 minutes) – This was supremely difficult. "Collision" was simple and moving; "Super Sounds" was beautifully shot and brilliantly acted by some very young people. "Migration" was delightful and so very clever from a film making point of view. But the winning film had puppets! Detective puppets shooting each other until the stuffing came out - 7 minutes of pure smile on your face genius:
The winner: "The detectives of noir town" - directed by Andrew Chambers.

10. BEST OF FESTIVAL – Cash Prize of $1000 and an original, unique hand thrown stoneware piece by Sara Bonnyman - Judges Committee

"GET A JOB" - Dir. Brian Kohne.