Festival 2016

The second festival took place from November 11th-12th at the fabulous Pictou Lodge Beach Resort. Some of the key events are below. Thanks to Frances Barth and Gowan MacGregor for the photos. 

Our 2016 Award-Winners as voted for by our panel of industry professionals:-
Best Short Film: "Sisters" - Taylor Shortall
Best Young Film Maker: "Milk" - Patrick Willard
Best International Film: "The Reindeer Belong to the Wind" - Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen
Best Drama: "Con Men" - Ron Paul Wilson
Best Documentary: - "Lunatic"- Kent Allison, Ian Evans
And BEST OF FESTIVAL: "The Red Maple Leaf" - Frank D'Angelo

A list of awards from 2015

Our 2015 Festival Highlights

Highlights - 2016

Enjoying a great lunch - and just look at the view outside, not bad for November!

Frances Barth, Ashdenne McCleod and Stuart Cresswell prepare for the night's big film "The Red Maple Leaf".

Troy Greencorn ensuring the screenings ran smoothly.

Three film makers prepare for one of the events: Alan Collins is a producer who had two films at the festival: "The Story of my Life" produced with his wife Violet (centre) which won Best Short Documentary at this year's AFF, and "Relative Happiness". Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen from Finland (right) screened her film "The Reindeer Belong to the wind" which won Best International Film at our festival.

Alan Collins (producer) Terrilee Bulger (publisher, Nimbus) and author Gary Blackwood discuss making a film from a published novel.

Actor Daniel Baldwin and a member of the audience for the film "The Red Maple Leaf".

Ian Evans after the screening of his film "Lunatic" which won Best Documentary at this year's festival, with volunteers and members of the audience.

A big thank you here to Jesse Hemmings (on the right of the picture) for great work volunteering during the festival.

Writer, Producer, Director and Star of "The Red Maple Leaf" Frank D'Angelo with a member of the audience.

Film maker Frances Barth (USA) whose film "Jonnie in the lake" was nominated for Best Short Film, chats with Nova Scotia's Producer and Director Paul Kimball, whose film "Exit Thread" was the Opening Night Gala Film at this year's festival.

A bit of trick photography! This picture appears to show the multi-talented Frank D'Angelo playing the fiddle. Well he hasn't added another string to his bow...Fiddle player Colin Grant is standing behind him!
Frank and the silky voiced Robert Miano joined guitar player Scott Macmillan and Colin Grant for some impromptu singing during the closing party.

Frank D'Angelo and his team brought a real sense of big films and big names to this year's festival. Thanks Frank for entering into the spirit and supporting our festival!

Film makers at the rustic entrance to the Sunrise Film Festival 2016. Daniel Baldwin, Robin Sue Hertz Hempel, Michael Pare, Paul Andrew Kimball, Robert Miano, Ian Evans, Frances Barth, Stuart Cresswell.

Adventurer and inspirational speaker Ian Evans gives a discussion to an enthralled audience prior to screening the film "Lunatic", which tells the story of how he trekked across Antarctica.

Ian Evans with some young and now very motivated young people after watching the film "Lunatic".

Star actor Michael Paré with Josephine Cresswell at the screening of "The Red Maple Leaf".

Finland's Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen
A discussion about the making of "The Red Maple Leaf" - with L-R: Stuart Cresswell, Robert Miano, Michael Paré, Frank D'Angelo, Robin Sue Hertz Hempel, Daniel Baldwin.

Frank D'Angelo and Robert Miano add some impromptu vocals to Colin Grant (fiddle) and Scott Macmillan (guitar) at the after festival party.
Robert Miano

Audience preparing to enter the main screening room at The Pictou Lodge. The Lodge proved to be a popular venue for visitors and film makers and many want to make it a regular event at the Lodge.

Meal time at the Pictou Lodge Resort: Great food, fantastic views and the chance to meet and chat with other people interested in films and film making.